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DAG Tech Blackjack ™

Pro-active maintenance is key to a successful technology strategy.

In order for organizations to maintain a compliant, secure, and efficient environment technology assets must be:

  • updated and patched on a formalized schedule, in order to minimize security risks and maximize performance
  • reviewed on a formalized schedule in search of unexpected activity, breaches, and vulnerabilities
  • tested on a regular basis

Most organizations have no formal technology maintenance schedule and fail at the points above, which decreases security, leads to compliancy failures, and shifts IT support into the role of a reactive “putting out fires” approach. A putting out fires approach is costlier, not only in terms of direct technology support costs, but in the immeasurable costs to the organization itself.

Clearly pro-active maintenance is an excellent and cost saving idea. DAG Tech’s BlackJack is well thought out, organized, and industry leading solution. BlackJack inventories technology assets, applies a service schedule to the assets, and programs a maintenance schedule. This maintenance schedule is smoothly carried out by DAG Tech’s expert staff of support engineers.

BlackJack can be purchased as a stand-alone product, or included in your monthly Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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