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DAG Tech SetSail is a technology onboarding product that guarantees new users are setup quickly and accurately.

Using traditional IT processes, new user onboarding is a one-off and inaccurate process, rife with miscommunication. Most new users show up at your organization unable to work, missing necessary services, and sometimes with no configuration at all. It can be weeks before they are productive, leaving them frustrated in their new role, and leaving you frustrated with their performance.

SetSail integrates with your existing HR processes and ensures that new user technology is 100% ready-to-go from Day 1!

How it works:

1 – Your organization’s HR hires a new employee and connects to SetSail. HR provides information on the user name and details, end-user services & security profile, and hardware platform(s).


2 – SetSail intelligently submits the collected information to DAG Tech engineering and procurement teams for configuration.

3 – DAG Tech configures the new user and submits proof of task completion to SetSail. SetSail notifies you if all tasks are completed, or if any adjustments to the timeline are required.

Your new user is now setup before they arrive for their first day, with 100% accuracy.


Technical details:

  • Custom designed and engineered DAG Tech solution
  • Software-as-a-Service design, mobile and desktop accessible
  • Secure information submission


DAG Tech SetSail (c)2019 DAG Tech LLC

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